Based on simplicity and power, the xtcAdmin comes into play. As the core of our wordpress themes, the xtcAdmin Panel enhances the WordPress capabilities.


  • Design:

    Control over the Theme Layout, General Theme Style, Widget Styles and Backgrounds allowing you to also enjoy the whole new features that comes with WordPress 3, like Custom Background & Custom Menus.

  • xtcMenus System:

    Choose what to display as menu: Categories, Pages, WordPress 3+ New Menu System, and more. Add power to your menus choosing between 3 styles: Suckerfish, Dualfish and Dropline, wich are also animated by the xtcMenus effects, based on Mootools.

  • Post Display:

    Select the best way to display your posts. You can choose between “full content” or “the excrept” to fit your needs.

  • The Loop:

    Enable or disable the Frontpage WordPress Loop. Most of our desings comes with the Loop disabled in the frontpage, this is because instead we use our complete set of plugins and widgets that will allow you to fully control the way you display your posts.

  • Typography:

    Control the general font settings of your theme such as font-family, size and colors.

  • Javascript Frameworks:

    Run your website without Javascript frameworks conflicts. Our themes, widgets and administration panels works natively with mootools, but we allow you to load jQuery too in no conflict mode, so you can enjoy the power of javascript.

  • SEO:

    Easily set up your meta tags to allow search engines to index your website in a better way. Add website “meta description” and “keywords” with one click.

  • Widgetizable Areas:

    You can easily display the widgetizable areas that are empty, this will let you know wich are the right places to put your widgets.

Here, at WXTC we’ve been developing keeping in mind what are we developing and who are we developing for, and the answers for that are simple: We’re creating software for the most important blog system, WordPress, wich is also one of the most important CMS out there; and we are developing for our customers, with all that it means: from new users to experiencied web designers.

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